Not sure how you can help those in need? We’ve got you covered (Part 2)

Last week, in light of #WorldHumanitarianDay, we talked about some needy sectors and how you can help them. We promised a second segment, so here are a few more areas where you can extend hope, help, and healing to others. Learn more

Not sure how you can help those in need? We’ve got you covered (Part 1)

Happy #WorldHumanitarianDay! If you’re looking for a way to forward a cause you believe in but aren’t sure how, we’ve put together a list of areas you can help out in through one of Total Resources International’s partner organisations, Vision Learn more

National Road Victim Month Safety Reminders

Did you know that August is National Road Victim Month? Road safety is important for so many reasons, but primarily because it can involve anyone, from the driver to the passengers to those in other cars and people on the Learn more

#StopTheBleed: Nosebleed Edition

Ever wondered why nosebleeds are common in the summer? Ever wish you had a quick fix to stop it from getting serious? After all, nobody wants them to happen and ruin the fun, but some things can’t be help. Read Learn more

UV Safety Month Reminders

July is National UV Safety Month, and while it’s easily overlooked it’s definitely not unimportant. Overexposure to the sun can result in problems with your sight and further damage to the eye, a suppressed immune system, premature aging of the skin, Learn more

Summer Sun Safety

With summer in full swing, it’s all too easy to get carried away and forget the health and safety risks at hand! Time to brush up on some summer fun safety reminders!   Be wary of bugs. Summer’s a great Learn more

4th of July Safety Reminders

The 4th of July is one of the most celebrated-holidays, but it’s also considered the most dangerous. With reports of accidents and injuries spiking around this time of the year, it’s best to be smart, get prepared, and keep a Learn more

The Be Smart Get Prepared Camping Checklist

  It’s easy to adopt an anything-goes attitude when you set off on an outdoor adventure, but going camping entails more than grabbing a bunch of hotdogs and stuffing a cooler into the truck. We listed down some essentials you Learn more

Common Household Injuries and How to Avoid Them

When a new baby or child comes into a home, many parents “baby-proof” their living area in order to avoid having kids run into corners and hurt themselves. But accidents like those don’t stop as we grow older. We’re still Learn more

National Cheerleading Month Safety Reminders

March is National Cheerleading month, and while that makes for plenty of pep it also opens up room for more possible injuries. With our athletes likely practicing longer hours and pushing themselves even harder, it’s important to be on the Learn more