Cuts, scrapes, insect bites, sunburns, and more…we know that outdoor camping opens the door for any and all minor injuries to occur. Outfitted to support all your camping needs, our Camping Kits are comprehensive and will meet all your outdoor safety needs.


Designed for brief offshore journeys, our Marine First Aid Kits contain all the essentials you and your crew need to remain safe and prepared for your next boating trip.


Designed for on-the-go travel, our Travel Kits come in a variety of durable cases, bags, shapes, and colors to cater to your preference and meet your every first aid need. Whether taking a cross country road trip or backpacking, our Travel First Aid Kits have all the essential components to keep you safe and in good health on your journey. So throw it in your purse, stash it in your carry-on bag, or sling it across your shoulders, our Travel Kits are convenient and ready to go when you are.


Food, water, light, blanket, communication, protection and first aid. Our Survival Kits are designed to meet your safety needs for any natural or man made disaster or emergency situation. Containing all the basic survival supplies necessary to keep you safe until help arrives, these essential components only reinforce our tagline, “Be Smart, Get Prepared!”


Whether you are an athlete, coach, or a fan on the sidelines, we all know that playing sports ls an open door for injuries to occur and muscles to be pulled. Our Sports Therapy line is designed to cater to athlete’s needs on and off the court and field. Hot & Cold therapy packs are vital to have on hand for both games and practices.